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Embrace streamlined processes, efficiency, transparency, and collaboration. Navigate from discovering sellers to placing orders and secure payments. Say goodbye to sourcing complexity - welcome speed, success and a sustainable future.
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Industry-leading order process

For Buyers

For buyers

Specify product details

Agree on price and delivery

Send order to supplier

Manage payment

Track order

For Sellers

For sellers

Receive product request

Propose price & clarify details

Receive order

Confirm payment

Start production

Specify Your Desired Product Design

  • Specify your own product or select from the seller´s showroom.
  • Choose colors, materials, sizes, and specs step-by-step.
  • Enjoy flexible and user-friendly customization options.
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Specify Your Desired Product Design

Order Management Made Easy

  • Specify quantity, unit price, Incoterms, packaging, and delivery dates.
  • Provide shipping and billing details to ensure flawless execution.
  • Track real-time progress on the seller´s side, upon order submission.
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Order Management Made Easy

Digital Handshake for Confidence

  • Enjoy a digital handshake post Order Summary submission for a smooth production.
  • Sellers promptly confirm details or offer alternatives.
  • Experience flexibility and collaboration for a mutually beneficial interaction.
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Digital Handshake for Confidence

Fast & Secure Payments

  • Experience a unique payment management using our integrated escrow service and e-wallets.
  • Release funds per agreed terms with sellers, finalized upon successful delivery.
  • Engage confidently with fast and secure payments, ensuring peace of mind for both parties.
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Fast & Secure Payments


All-in-one order system

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